11 Apr 2006


Many people will be starting to plant their summer crop of veggies. As Vegans we prefer to keep our plants as organic as possible with no deadly sprays killing not only the pests but also harming birds, pets, insects and eventually ourselves.

The answer to this is companion planting to both deter pests and also improve the flavour in our veggies and fruit.

Basil deters both diseases and pests in tomatoes and improves the flavour.
Marigolds deter white fly in tomatoes.
Nasturtium deters aphis and other pests in squash, pumpkin, cucumber and melons.
Mustard and Marigold deters the various types of worms that cause problems in vegetables.
Garlic. if planted around the base of fruit trees, deters climbing insects and borers.
Garlic also deters beetles, aphis and black spot on roses.
Tomatoes help deter cabbage grubs.
Rosemary deters cabbage moths.
Tomatoes deter beetles on asparagus.
Carrots improve the growth of beans.
Beans enrich the soil with nitrogen which cucumber require.
Radishes improve the flavour of lettuces.
Chives improves growth and flavour of tomatoes and carrots.
Lovage improves the flavour and health of most veggies.
Potatoes keep away from apple, pumpkin, tomato, raspberry and rosemary.
Sunflowers improve the yield of corn.
Carrots improve the growth of peas.Chervil makes radishes hotter.
Borage improves the flavour of tomatoes and deters tomato worm.
Mint is useful both in the garden and home as it deters mice, ants and fleas.

I hope you find this info useful and happy planting.

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