6 Apr 2006

Vegan: Lifestyle: A low-fat vegan diet could make you slim, healthy

"A low-fat vegetarian diet could help you lose about one pound per week and keep you healthy, says a new study.

Researchers compiled data from 87 previous studies to show that vegetarian diet is highly effective for weight loss, reported science portal EurekAlert.

It found that vegetarian populations tend to be slimmer than meat-eaters, and they experience lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other life-threatening conditions linked to overweight and obesity.
Rates of obesity in the general population are skyrocketing, while in vegetarians, obesity prevalence ranges from 0 percent to six percent, the study's authors said in the April issue of Nutrition Reviews.

The researchers found that the body weight of both male and female vegetarians is, on average, three percent to 20 percent lower than that of meat-eaters.

They found that a low-fat vegan diet leads to weight loss of about one pound per week, even without additional exercise or limits on portion sizes, calories, or carbohydrates.

'Our research reveals that people can enjoy unlimited portions of high-fibre foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to achieve or maintain a healthy body weight without feeling hungry," says Berkow, the lead author.


Trollmeister said...

One of my friends lost her twin babies at 23 weeks due to being a vegan.

Jackie said...

How very sad. With any diet it is very important to see it is well balanced and that all the necessary supplements are taken especially when pregnant and breast feeding. For instance many mothers on meat & veggie diets don't take Folic Acid with disasterous results. I don't obviously know reason for your friends twins death but I do have many Vegan friends with very healthy children who have been Vegan since birth.