2 Apr 2006


A little about myself to get this Blog going.

I was Vegetarian for over 30 years and around five years ago decided to go the full hog and become Vegan. I found that the dairy industry was as distasteful as the factory farming industry, plus the fact that research has found that dairy products are not healthy, due to their high animal fat content, antibiotics and BST.

Since becoming Vegan I have found I no longer get flu, colds and I never have to diet as my weight is correct for my height and age. Another perk is that I find I now have tons of energy, my hair shines and my skin has a healthy glow about it.

The main reason I am starting this Blog is to answer all the comments I get from meat eaters and people wanting to convert from Vegetarian to Vegan.

Your input will always be very welcome.

Well that's all for today.

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