19 May 2006

Natural Remedies for Pets

The wonderful thing about Natural Remedies is that they are suitable for both you and your pets. Natural Remedies are excellent for day to day minor problems. More serious problems must be handled by a Vet.

Bach Flower Remedies

Pets, like their owners, respond extremely well to these remedies. The one used most often is Bach Rescue Remedy and helps your pet at any stressful time like moving home, fireworks, after surgery, death of another household pet and anytime your pet is stressed and you do not understand why.

A few drops of any remedy in their water bowl or in extreme stress, a couple of drops under their tongue every few hours usually does the trick.

Specific remedies can also be used:
Holly: Jealousy towards a new pet or new baby.
Mimulus: Fear of certain sounds, strangers, other animals.
Olive: Exhaustion
Walnut: Settling into a new home.
Vervain: Hyperactivity

To learn more about Flower Remedies for pets and humans I suggest you visit a wonderful, free online publication Essence Magazine and do a search for what you would like to read.

Aloe Vera

I always have an plant growing in a pot for use by myself and my pets, plus a bottle of juice in my fridge. Break off a leaf from the plant or use a tube of the gel for pet skin complaints, like dry spots and minor cuts. Add the juice to their food for helping with digestion.

Brewers Yeast

Fleas hate brewers yeast so add a teaspoon to your pet's food daily. Some pets are allergic or turn their noses up at it , so discontinue if this happens.


This also repels fleas plus it is also excellent fot the immune system, heart and stomach. Do not use daily as pets build up an allergy towards it. Add clove of garlic to food once a week or every ten days. Warning: Not suitable for Husky type dogs.

Lavender Oil

Repels fleas and insects. Use diluted on their fur and sprinkle on their bedding.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps with ageing, circulation and arthritis. If you are unable to get an animal supplement from the Vet, use a max off 100iu daily for small animals and a max of 200iu daily for large animals.

Cold-Pressed Flaxseed Oil

High in omega-3, flaxseed oil is excellent for your pets skin and coat. Half a tablespoon daily for cats and small dogs, one tablespoon for medium dogs and two tablespoons for large dogs.

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