27 Sep 2007

Blogging for Hope

Bloggers Unite

Join BlogCatalog's Campaign, today 27th September, against Abuse in all it's forms.

If you are against animal abuse, child abuse, abuse of the aged or any other form of abuse, pop over to BlogCatalog where you will find some excellent logos for your blogs.

Once you have posted your entry, add your link at Blog Catalog and . And then send it to by Oct. 10 with any results.

This is shaping up to be the biggest Bloggers Unite campaign in BlogCatalog history! Please join today and blog against abuse.


As a Vegan I am especially against Animal Abuse. One major form of Animal Abuse is in factory farming. For more information you can visit the sites below:

GoVeg - Mechanized Madness
FactoryFarming - The Truth Hurts
KFC - Kentucky Fried Cruelty
All Creatures - Animal Exploitation from a Christian perspective.

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Sheila said...

I imagine if I thought a bit more about it, I'd join you.

dreamy said...

The meatrix! I always like that, the last time our local veg society run it in an exhibition it attracted kids' attention. I hope they will come out with meatrix III soon.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Jackie! I am stopping by to thank you for coming up with the idea of having a forum over at BLOG VILLAGE!!

urban vegan said...

Great post! Thanks for raising awareness. ALl abuse needs to stop.

Dirty Butter said...

I was recently jolted into awareness about one aspect of animal abuse that I had never read about anywhere. I have been on Premarin, a hormone replacement drug, for something like 30 years. Taped to the counter at our vet is this horrible description of what the mare's life is like that they derive these meds from. And there's no way for me to take back all that suffering my use of that med had caused some poor animals all those years.

So, thank you for making me aware of these issues.

Anonymous said...

I always learn so much from your posts - interesting and informative.

I have some frozen fresh strawberries in the freezer so I think I'm going to try the sorbet recipe you posted last time.

malawika said...

Yes, Blogging For Hope - Bloggers Unite is great idea!

animal said...

Hi Jackie, I hope you're well.

While the Meatrix is a good story the people that made the movie actually encourage the use of animals in cooking and don't promote vegetarianism only free-range or happy meat in the name of that old chestnut "Sustainable Use".

Take a look for yourself :

It's bitterly disappointing but true and animal rights people to speak out against them. People that see the Meatrix and are moved by it may stumble upon their website will think it's OK to eat animals as long as they were raised well.

They even have advertisements for farms that slaughter animals - but it's OK because they lived in a nice big field.

I hope you're well and I still have some nutritional yeast if you're still looking for some.


Jackie said...

Yes I agree Meatrix isn't perfect but I have found that it has great results with children who sometimes find other films on factory farming farm too upsetting.