20 Feb 2009

Society For Animals In Distress


Ukash in association with Afrigator is currently running a competition where bloggers can choose which charity, listed at The Trust, inspires them the most and do a post on it. The blogger and the charity which wins will each receive R3000.

I was pleased to see one of my favorite animal charities listed, the Society For Animals In Distress, whose mission is to protect animals, healing their sickness, fighting ignorance, empowering others to do the same. For over 50 years, without governmental assistance, they have worked to create a safe and healthy environment for all animals by administering professional veterinary care to animals belonging to low and no income earners both on site and in their farm hospital.

Teams of animal welfare assistants are dispatched daily to Tembisa, Winnie Mandela Park, Ivory and Ebony Parks, Diepsloot, Olievenhoutbosch, Mooiplaas, Zevenfontein and Cosmo City in vehicles equipped with two-way radios and veterinary supplies.

They have an ongoing initiative in 14 local coal-yards overseeing the health and wellbeing of some 365 working horses and donkeys and they have now also introduced a voluntary skills’ development programme, which has seen the graduation of two coal-yard residents, who are now self-employed, in the disciplines of farriery and harness-making.

Education is extremely important to them and almost 10,000 children in 53 disadvantaged learning centres have already benefited from their basic animal care classes. Children are taught the importance of nutrition, vaccination, disease-prevention, and the basic needs of domestic animals with huge emphasis placed on sterilisation.

Thankfully they are also making people, in all income brackets, aware of the living hell that battery chickens go through to provide eggs. 18 million laying hens in SA live their lives in huge sheds filled with rows and rows of tiny cages. Five hens occupy each small cage. The hen is de- beaked so that when she goes crazy in this little space, she does not peck her cage mates to death. Remember if you still buy battery eggs, you might as well have put her there yourself.

The Society for Animals in Distress well deserves our help so if you feel that you would like to make a donation via credit card to this charity or any other, visit The Trust Website.

Note: If you intended putting in an entry for your favorite charity, today 20th February is your last chance to do so :)


Hudson said...

Way to support animals and the Society for animals in Distress. We wish you the best of luck with this. Hudson and Mary Jo

Alisa - Frugal Foodie said...

This is an awesome post. Thanks for bringing forth this organization, I am going to take a look!

Mariuca said...

Hola Jackie, I have some awards for you, do come by to accept them when u’re free, happy Sunday! :)

your "Health Assistant" said...

More power to this society

Cindy said...

Jackie...omg..long time no talk..i just got into my blog..finally..i lost the password..hehehe
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As usual...your blogs are ALL awesome!!!!!
Cindy :)
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Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Hello Jackie!

I dropped by to tell you Gary Vaynerchuck was asking (on Twitter) for vegan or organic bloggers so I passed along your URL to him :)

No idea why he was asking, but it could only be good!

Are you on Twitter? I'm loving using it to connect quickly and easily w/friends :)

Have a great day!


Ars said...

Continua que estás no bom caminho.

Myraine said...

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Mike Foster said...

Excellent cause, great post. Thanks,

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that guy said...

great post,very eye opening!
thank you