1 Nov 2011


Today, the 1.11.11,  is World Vegan Day and is the first day of World Vegan Awareness Month 2011. Worldwide many events have been planned over the coming month and whether you are interested in taking the plunge and giving up all animal products for life, taking the Evolve 30 Day Vegan Pledge or just joining Meatless Mondays, there is a ton of usefull infomation available on and offline for you to make that decision.

Useful Links
Vegan Organisations (please feel free to add your own in comments section):
Free Vegan Recipe Books
There are thousands of Vegan Blogs and groups which give fabulous, tasty recipes but here are a few excellent free pubs to download. 

The Vitalita Culinary Group (VCG) has two free, .pdf, vegan cookbooks to download.
1)A Taste of Vitality: Nutrient-Dense Cooking
2)Desserts of Vitality: Extraordinary Non-Dairy Desserts

The Vegan Culinary Experience has many wonderful free magazines, each with it's own topic, giving many recipes and articles. The latest .pdf being Quick & Easy. Sign up today.

The Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking School has two useful, free recipe booklets to download:

I Am What You See - by Benjamin Zephaniah

I am what you see
I’ve got no bodies inside me
All of me is me
I will not eat nobody else
So I am what you see
I do not plan to eat dead sheep
I will not eat a hen
I’m so proud of what I am
So I will say again
I’ve got no bodies inside me
All of me is me
I will not eat nobody else
So I am what you see


Prixie said...

This is good to know! THANKS!

Prixie said...

Some Vegan tips:

Vegan Recipes:

Marion said...

Excellent links, thank you, Jackie. I love the perfect. And no spare ribs! Thank you for the reminder of World Vegan day.

I hope you are keeping well, Jackie!xx

torwen said...

And here are the vegan societies for German speaking countries:


Thanks for the useful links :)

agreenearth said...

Good to hear from you and do hope you are back to full health. Always love your quality blog posts and look forward to your great recipes and information.

Zelmarq said...

wow thats nice, i dont know if i can make it vegan, its really hard....i have not tried yet but i dont think im going to survive it.

seentvcanada said...

The world needs more vegans!

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Michael said...

Hi Jackie,

how about a vegan day for vegetarians, like me? we could call it "Animal-free Tuedsays," or something along those lines. I'm down to cheese, honey, and occasionally milk and ice cream, but they're hard to give up when you become soy-intolerant.
No Flour, No Sugar Diet

Olga said...

Thank you for these links :).

vinfotech said...

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Kev Stevens said...

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