5 Aug 2007

Karen Knowler The Raw Food Coach

Please note I am going on leave so my next post will be at the end of August.

I am seriously thinking about becoming a raw food vegan. So I have been surfing the web for ideas and came across Karen Knowler's website The Raw Food Coach .

Karen has been on a raw food diet for over 14 years and has been teaching, writing and coaching professionally on the subject for almost nine years.

On her website you will find lots of information to get you started, free recipes (like her wonderful dairy-free Real Chocolate Ice Cream) and a weekly ezine Successfully Raw. She also has many informative books which you can purchase, runs courses in England and has an online 30 day support group.

Those that wish to earn via their blog or website can also join Karen's Affiliate Program and if you are very interested in the subject and would like to make it your career, she also runs a Raw Coach training program. .

You will find it well worth while to visit her website and blog.


Sweetballs is this week's recipe in the Successfully Raw ezine:

Karen states: I'm not generally one for eating or recommending others eat dried fruits and nuts in any great amount, but sometimes, just sometimes, a girl (or guy) has just got to have it. The following recipe was quite literally "thrown together" one lunchtime this week when, after eating a lovely fresh salad, I felt I wanted something sweet and just that little but more "substantial". The following recipe is what I came up with - it's a winner!


* Half a cup of finely grated coconut
* 1 handful of macadamia nuts
* 2 handfuls of almonds
* 1 handful of dried apricots
* 1 handful of raisins

(See, I told you I just threw it together!)


1) Simply pile all of the ingredients into a food processor and process using the "S" blade until all ingredients fully combine. If you process long enough it will all clump together and end up forming one large and perfectly formed ball.
2) Serve by either eating a teaspoon or two as desired to satiate the sweet tooth or roll into smaller balls and keep in the fridge for up to 5 days for freshness.

* All of the above ingredients are optional - that is, you can swap in or out any of them with other similar ingredients (a nut for a nut, for example), or leave out coconut if you don't like it, and consider adding in some orange juice, mint leaves, carob, mesquite, maca or chocoloate powder for flavoured sweetballs.

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Anonymous said...

I too have been thinking for quite some time now about going raw. Or at least adding more raw foods into my diet. It's easy for me now because it's summer time but during the winter cold months I have difficulty with it. I'm off to check out Karen's site.

Anonymous said...

great links!
let us know all about your raw diet if you do it.

Vegan Bear said...

Great Blog. I've just gone raw about a month ago and have been blogging about it. I have a very low income and would love to do a classs but its well out of my price range. Having others read my blog has given me alot of support and I find when people send me messages about how they have tried some of the recipes I've put on there really makes my day.


Alisa said...

Wow Jackie, that would be cool to hear about. Good luck, and have a great break!

Cherry said...

Yes I agree with you that Raw food is the best. But again we have to be careful also since many raw foods are actually not that 'raw'. Many are sprayed with chemicals and even additive. They even give a little color boost to the Salmon so that it looks freshly orange.

Judith MacCaellich-Young said...

Sounds like a brilliant idea to me, even though I haven't yet managed to go totally raw. Just two meals out of three.

Have a great holiday!

urban vegan said...

I would love to go raw, but honestly, it's just not me. Ido eat quite a bithdtfr of raw food in a normal day, though.

Enjoy your time off.

Almost Vegetarian said...

I adore recipes like this ... simple tasty, and flexible! I would much rather munch on this then, on, nearly all other snack foods out there.


bazu said...

Have a great holiday!

I will definitely explore the raw food coach's website. I know after my experiment earlier this summer that 100% raw isn't for me, but I love exploring different raw recipes, and of course I adore salads and juices. Yum.

Steven James said...

I love your recipes and going raw is the optimum. I believe you get the highest quality and quantity of nutrients from raw fruits, vegetables and other organically grown produce. I commend you on your choice, to go 100% raw.

motherwintermoon said...

Ditto for me. I would love to go raw. I'm working on it by adding more raw. Hopefully one day I can go all the way...raw food that is. :)

Good link and recipe.


Greenearth said...

Have a wonderful break and will look forward to see how you develop raw food.

Will follow up on Karen Knowler, thanks for the link.

Buy raw food (pizzas, breads and cakes) from a great store at the local organic markets and always feel so good after eating this food.

Anonymous said...

I thought about going raw and have eaten in a raw restaurant (food was amazing) but I think it takes a lot of preparation. I'll be interested to see what you decide.

I hope you're doing something fun on your leave.

Dirty Butter said...

I followed your link, and I even signed up for her newsletter. We do eat far more fruits and salads than we used to, as I have to be so careful to get the best nutrition I can. Not ready to go raw, but will to go "rawer"!! Thanks for the link!

Naomi said...

Sounds delicious Jackie. Hope you enjoy your break. We'll miss you! I remember reading a story here a while ago about a doctor and his family who were raw food vegans. People used to laugh at them but now many cancer sufferers are following diets like this as complementary therapy with great success.

P.S. You've won another award. Come across to my blog to find out more.

david santos said...

Pretty mother and pretty son, congratulations

aTxVegn said...

Thanks for the link and enjoy your time off!

dreamy said...

Thanks for the recipe and link :) It looks really simple and save the hassle of cooking!

david santos said...

It has forts possibilities to have a conspiracy in England, so that the case of Madeleine is not clarified.

aesylvatica said...

I am a raw food vegan who will be in Johannesburg for three months (5/27/08 - 8/17/08) and I am trying to find out what food is available in Jo-burg. I live in the states and know that I have difficulty finding simple nuts and seeds in many cities in the US. I would love to talk to anyone in Jo-burg who has a sense about what to expect, and perhaps how to make the transition to living in a new city easier.


Jackie said...

You will be pleased to know that most health shops in Johannesburg have a very good range of organic seeds, nuts and seed butters.

The directory at has a lot of info on organic veggies and fruit available plus our large supermarkets carry them, Woolworths being the best.

Let me know which suburb and I can get info for you if you need it.