21 Nov 2008

Thanksgiving Recipe Links

Many people ask me what they can eat at Thanksgiving, Christmas and other celebrations if they go Vegan or vegetarian.....lots! I have drawn up a list of some of the sites I look at when planning a feast. I also refer to the many wonderful Vegan and vegetarian blogs out there for inspiration, and you can find a list of many of them in my side panel.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving (Vegan Friendly) at In a Vegetarian Kitchen with Nava Atlas

Roasted Veggie Turkey at The Chicago Diner

Thanksgiving recipes like Acorn Squash Stuffed With Sage Polenta at Adopt A Turkey

Thanksgiving Loaf with all the Trimmings at Mercy for Animals

Bryanna's Seitan "Turkey" (soy free) at the Vegan Feast Kitchen blog.

Thanksgiving recipe suggestions from that wonderful Christian site All-Creatures

Thanksgiving recipes and Meal Planning Tips from the Cancer Project

A Lavish Feast of Cranberries at Vegetarians in Paradise

At Gentle Thanksgiving see what Alicia Silverstone likes to eat.

Thanksgiving Casseroles at VegWeb

Vegan Holiday recipes at the International Vegetarian Union

Vegan Pumpkin Pie at Boutelle

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes by Jolinda Hackett at

Vegan Thanksgiving recipes at 101 Cookbooks

For those celebrating Thanksgiving, have a wonderful, wonderful day and enjoy cooking and eating the gentle, compassionate way.


A last word from Benjamin Zephaniah the wonderful writer of Talking Turkeys:

I am what you see
I’ve got no bodies inside me
All of me is me
I will not eat nobody else
So I am what you see
I do not plan to eat dead sheep
I will not eat a hen
I’m so proud of what I am
So I will say again
I’ve got no bodies inside me
All of me is me
I will not eat nobody else
So I am what you see


Rural Vegan said...

I love the poem, and that's a great list of resources. I also like Bryanna Clark Grogan's site for the best replacement 'roasts'. Happy Thanksgiving!

Marion said...

I love all these links, Jackie! Thank you, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Canada had its Thanksgiving about a month ago,so these links will come in handy for Christmas!

Jackie said...

Thanks both of you. We actually don't have Thanksgiving here but I find the same meals recipes are suitable for both Thanksgiving and Christmas which is just around the of course the same animal welfare problems crop up so like to remind folks of that.

Benjamin's Turkey poem is amazing but that I keep for Christmas or you can click the link to read it now ....luv the man :)

Spanish Steps said...

Thanks for the links and poem.

I usually cook a "meatless meatloaf" with lentils and soy with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy on the side... it's delicious!

LJP said...

What a great list of ideas! I suppose the same list can be transferred to Christmas as well (I've been a vegetarian for years but its good to get new ideas for these holiday celebrations!)

Anonymous said...


Being a vegetarian myself these are wonderful~! I am always looking for great recipes!

Vegan Force said...

Hi Jackie,

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All the best and keep on blogging!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jackie!

Lori said...

Lovely sentiment and a lovely site! I've linked to you. It's nice to see a kindred spirit in the blogosphere. :)