1 Dec 2008

Bloggers Unite for World AIDS Day

Bloggers Unite

Today is World AIDS Day 2008 and bloggers from around the World are coming together with BlogCatalog, the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to highlight this important event.

Worldwide an estimated 33 million plus people are living with HIV. An estimated two million plus people are said to have died of Aids in 2007.

In South Africa, where I live, 5 700 000 are infected by HIV. Of that figure +/- 280000 children from birth to 14 living are infected and there are approximately 1 400 000 orphans due to AIDS. The South African Government can be held responsible for these high figures due to their slow response to the pandemic in the early years.

Sadly many people, even with all the info available, are uneducated about HIV/AIDS. People infected need your full support. HIV cannot be transmitted by casual contact.
* You cannot get HIV from shaking hands or hugging a person with HIV/AIDS
* You cannot get HIV from using a restroom, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, or hot tub
* You cannot get HIV from sharing a drink
* You cannot get HIV from being coughed or sneezed on by a person with HIV/AIDS
* You cannot get HIV from giving blood
* You cannot get HIV from a mosquito bite

Want to know more?
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WorldAidsDay (Australia)
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Good to get the correct information out. Thank you.